Etch n' Clean - Floor Prep Concrete Etching Solution 500+ sq/ft

  • Model: OCC-EC
  • Manufactured by: Original Color Chips Company

Concrete floors require preparation before applying a paint, high - performance coating system, stain or a concrete sealer. The preparation usually involves cleaning the surface to remove oil and o..

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Concrete floors require preparation before applying a paint, high - performance coating system, stain or a concrete sealer. The preparation usually involves cleaning the surface to remove oil and other unwanted contaminants then "profiling" the concrete by etching with acid or by mechanical abrasion. If the concrete does not have heavy oil contamination, The Original Color Chips Floor Coating System Etch 'n Clean will provide both the cleaning and the profiling in one operation.

For optimized performance, dillute the etch 'n clean in a 1 to 1 mix ratio with water. (1 gallon of etch 'n clean with 1 gallon of water). This will give you 2 gallons of solution to work with. (500+ sq/ft feet). 

If the concrete has been steel-trowelled, the surface will be very smooth. This finishing technique works fine cement particles to the surface creating a very hard, dense finish. Steel-trowelled floors may require multiple applications to achieve the desired profile.

The Original Color Chips Etch 'N Clean Has several uses!


  • Cleans While Etching
  • No Acidic Vapors
  • Neutralizes Alkali Salts
  • Metal Phosphatizer
  • Removes Rust
  • Improves Paint Adhesion

Use For

  • Concrete Cleaning and Profiling
  • Preparing Galvanized for Paint
  • Phosphatizing Steel
  • De-Rusting Steel
  • Masonry and Brick Cleaning
  • Food Plant Cleaning


  • Form Release Compounds
  • Oil, Grease, Soot, Dirt
  • Galvanized Passivation Film
  • Heat Scale, Oils, Lubricants
  • Efflorescence, Laitance
  • Rust, Non-Ferrous Corrosion

Cleaning, degreasing and profiling the surface to prepare it for coating, staining or sealing.

Masonry, Brick
Cleans mortar joints, removes excess mortar and dissolves efflorescence

Cleans, degreases, derusts and creates a phosphate conversion coating.

Removes the passivation film on galvanized steel to improve coating adhesion

On concrete, Etch 'N Clean reduces preparation time by eliminating the separate pre-cleaning and rinsing operation before acid etching.

On Passivated Galvanized, Etch 'N Clean degrades the passivation coating on galvinized steel and impoves coating adhesion.

On steel, Etch 'N Clean cleans, degreases and provides a phosphate conversion coating for improved corrosion resistance and enhanced coating adhesion.

Etch 'N Clean has no acidic vapors eliminating the accidental corrosion of ductwork, electrical contacts in machinery and equipment and other sensitive parts.

Additionally, Etch 'N Clean is ideal for use in areas with limited ventilation such as basements, swimming pools, containment areas and pits.

Etch 'N Clean is odorless, non-flammable and is safe to use near vegetation.

For best results on concrete:
1)Dillute 1 gallon of water to 1 gallon of solution.
2)If available, hot water will accelerate cleaning
and etching.
3)Sweep loose debris and dampen the surface
with water.
4)Apply solution and scrub with a stiff brush 
or broom until bubbling stops.  NOTE:  if no
bubbling occurs, surface is coated with
curing compounds or contaminants 
preventing etching.  Remove contamination
and reapply Etch 'n Clean.
Only work in an area that you can rinse immediately
after the bubbling stops (usually a few minutes)
5)Triple rinse with water to neutralize.  On
floors, squeegee off rinse water to speed
6)Allow the surface to dry thoroughly. (min. 24hrs)
Floor should resemble 100 grit sandpaper or more
coarse. If not, etch again.

Specific Gravity1.024
pH as supplied1.0
pH @ 25 oz./gal1.1
pH @ 10 oz./gal1.5
pH @ 3 oz./gal2.0
BiodegradableNo (Inorganic ingredients are not biodegradable, however they can be mineralized by plants.)
Solubility in WaterComplete
Storage AbilityIndefinite
AppearanceTransparent orange liquid
Boiling PointOver 212°F
Freezing PointBelow 32°F
Freeze/Thaw Stability3+ Cycles
CERCLA Quantity5,000 lbs.

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