Norklad 200 - 100% Solids Colored Basecoat Repair Kit

  • Model: OCC-RK
  • Manufactured by: Original Color Chips Company






Norklad 200 - 100% Solids Colored Basecoat Repair Kit

This is a 100% solids epoxy colored baseco..

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Norklad 200 - 100% Solids Colored Basecoat Repair Kit

This is a 100% solids epoxy colored basecoat touch-up repair kit. Covers 30 sq/ft.

1. After I applied my basecoat, I noticed tiny little bubbles on the surface. What caused this and how do I fix it?
The tiny little air bubbles are called outgassing. This can be caused by a few things:




1. Applying a basecoat in high temperatures or in direct sunlight can cause the coating to dry faster than intended. This causes air pockets to form during evaporation and curing.

SOLUTION: Apply your basecoat within the recommended application temperature and apply at sundown to avoid direct sunlight.

2. When using 100% solids, outgassing can occur because of the 100% solids fast cure time or excessive air moisture. This is caused by air and moisture migrating to the surface during curing process.

SOLUTION: Use a thin mil primer to prime the surface before applying a 100% solids coating.

FIX OUTGASSING: To fix the outgassing, lightly sand the bubbles and surrounding areas and recoat the problem areas. Clean the area before touching up. We have repair kits available for all of our products.

2. I had this product done on my garage floor several years ago. There is  an area that is starting to come up in about quarter size chips.  Is there a patch kit available or must I have the whole garage redone?  If I must have the whole thing redone must the old product be taken up or can it be apply over top?
You can repair just the affected areas with redoing the entire floor. We do have patch kits available.  You can lightly sand around the area to be coated, clean with TSP or cleaner/degreaser.  Then coat with the epoxy repair kit.  Peel ups are caused by the coating losing its adhesion to the concrete, so make sure the exposed concrete is free of debris and still has a rough texture.

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