HPU 747 VOC - Urethane Clearcoat Repair Kit

  • Model: HPU 747 RK
  • Manufactured by: Original Color Chips Company

HPU 747 Urethane Repair Kit

This is a solventbased urethane clear coat touch-up repair kit. Covers 50-70 sq/ft.

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HPU 747 Urethane Repair Kit

This is a solventbased urethane clear coat touch-up repair kit. Covers 50-70 sq/ft.

Note: This Product is considered a hazardous material therefore can only be shipped via ground transportation (No Expediting).


1. After I used your repair kit for my clearcoat, I noticed the touchup areas are more glossy than the rest of the floor. How do I get my surface back to an even gloss?
Adding another layer of a clearcoat will leave a slightly different gloss. You can achieve an even gloss by using Xylol (a thinning agent) on a rag and lightly wipe the Xylol over the touchup areas. By doing this, it will remove any excess gloss from the coating.

2. I recently applied epoxy on my garage floor and my lip (Outside of my overhead garage door and to the end of my slab) of my garage turned yellow; what happened and what can I do to fix it?
The outside lip of the garage floor turned yellow because epoxy is not UV resistant. Direct sunlight anywhere on a epoxy will yellow or discolor over time. By using a UV resistant coating such as a urethane, it will hold up longer to the elements of sunlight. Even a urethane in certain parts of the country will yellow. The photo below is from a home in Florida that had used a urethane clear topcoat. We do not recommend using an epoxy on any exterior surface.

To repair the yellowed areas, lightly sand the clearcoat down as far down as you can without sanding the color chips. Recoat the area with a urethane clear topcoat. However, it is not recommended to go outside the lip.

Tape where the garage door comes down so the coating/flakes aren’t visible on the outside while the garage dooris closed. It’s recommended to do this not only because the colors may not match the outside of the house and because the UV-Rays of the sun tend to discolor the coating. The Urethane Clearcoat will help keep it from discoloring from the UV rays and the elements, but only to a certain extent. The thin coat of protective urethane will not prevent the colored basecoat epoxy from discoloring, it will only slow the process down. After you a line from where the garage door comes down, apply your primer coat (peel tape off when wet) then once dry reapply your tape. Apply your basecoat and color chips (peel tape off when wet) and allow to dry. Do not tape off again, instead when you apply your Clearcoat to the entire floor, extending beyond the area where you have taped off. This will seal the edge of the coating in and give the lip of the garage a wet look.

Note: use this technique when using urethane Clearcoat only. If you are clearcoating with a clear epoxy, tape off where the door comes down to make sure it doesn’t extend to where the UV-rays can damage/discolor.

3. After I applied my clearcoat, I noticed tiny little bubbles on the surface. What caused this and how do I fix it?
The tiny little air bubbles are called outgassing. This can be caused by a few things:

1. Applying a clearcoat in high temperatures or in direct sunlight can cause the coating to dry faster than intended. This causes air pockets to form during evaporation and curing.

SOLUTION: Apply your clearcoat within the recommended application temperature and apply at sundown to avoid direct sunlight.

4. I had this product done on my garage floor several years ago. There is  an area that is starting to come up in about quarter size chips.  Is there a patch kit available or must I have the whole garage redone?  If I must have the whole thing redone must the old product be taken up or can it be apply over top?
You can repair just the affected areas with redoing the entire floor. We do have patch kits available.  You can lightly sand around the area to be coated, clean with TSP or cleaner/degreaser.  Then coat with the epoxy repair kit.  Peel ups are caused by the coating losing its adhesion to the concrete, so make sure the exposed concrete is free of debris and still has a rough texture.

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